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02-09-12 0 It’s the beginning of February, which means we are all officially in the midst of 2012. For McCutcheon’s this means we are ready to share with you all the exciting new products that we will be releasing this year. At the top of our list is our new small jar.

The new floors are waxed, which means that it is time to bring all the crates and displays back into the store. It’s hard to believe that two weeks ago we were fretting about packing up everything. Now, we have trucked back in the timeless apple crates that will house our products for display.

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01-19-12 0 Phase one of the transformation is nearly complete! Yesterday we began painting the retail store walls. Back in the 80’s a decision had been made to cover the original concrete block walls with t-111 siding. Yes, folks, that’s right, we used barn siding. And for years that’s what it looked like: shabby, faded barn siding.

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t has been a wonderfully slow week for all of us at McCutcheon’s. We close our doors on Christmas Eve every year and promise to our loyal customers to reopen them January 2nd.

12-22-11 0 It’s the last week before Christmas. Most of all your gifts have been bought and your family is beginning to come together to celebrate. It’s time to slow down and appreciate all the people that helped you get through the chaos of the season in one piece.

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Fall fresh apples are here! We have finally received our first load of local gala apples from Baugher’s Orchard in Westminster, MD. Our first load of apples means one thing at McCutcheon’s Apple Products, it’s officially CIDER SEASON!  So come on in for a gallon of cider or a bag of apples to pack away in your kids’ […]

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McCutcheon’s Apple Products is officially launching a blog project. Stay tuned for recipes, updates on new products, and everything else that we are doing.