Posted on December 31, 2011

McCutcheon’s Blog 2011

It has been a wonderfully slow week for all of us at McCutcheon’s. We close our doors on Christmas Eve every year and promise to our loyal customers to reopen them January 2nd. Of course we feel terrible for all of our faithfuls who pull into the parking lot to see a closed sign and dark windows. But on the other hand, we all get a break we need. It’s a break that reminds us why we love being a part of the McCutcheon’s Apple Products family.

Last Wednesday we celebrated being a part of the family up in Braddock Heights at the old Braddock Inn. Today, it’s a restaurant known as HOME at the Braddock Inn. To many of us, Braddock is where we grew up,  got to know each other, and got to know the responsibility of coming to be a part of the McCutcheon’s Apple Products family. So, under low lighting, all of the McCutcheon’s employees, save a few, came together with their families to enjoy each other’s company away from the stress of the factory.

The Braddock Inn has always been good to us. They served us some of their best foods. Before dinner, warm french bread and pumpkin bread were served with McCutcheon’s Apple Butter. For dinner we ate garlic-y and delicious flank steak, apple stuffed chicken breasts, creamy mashed potatoes, and veggies so crisp it made you miss your summer garden. It was a beautiful, slow evening. Kids played by the fireplace and bounced on the big couches while we ate until we quietly slipped into food comas.

It was another great holiday spent with family and work family.