Retail Renovations: Washed Up

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author// mccutcheons

Phase one of the transformation is nearly complete! Yesterday we began painting the retail store walls. Back in the 80’s a decision had been made to cover the original concrete block walls with t-111 siding. Yes, folks, that’s right, we used barn siding. And for years that’s what it looked like: shabby, faded barn siding.

Giving this material a face-lift posed a few challenges for us. Firstly, this type of walling soaks up paint like a sponge soaks up water. Secondly, it is rough as sandpaper. Latex paint would go on looking thick and globby and a traditional white-wash would soak in too easily. Luckily there are people in the world who help people like us for a living, the people at McCormick Paint shop. They recommended we use a stain often used for decks to coat the walls. The effect is like a light white-wash. It is a take on shabby-chic that we think will work well with our old Frederick charm. The old wood grain shows through just slightly, and the walls are lightened just enough to make the room look bright and fresh.

Goodbye painfully worn walls, hello clean slate! Next step, the floors.

Again, our factory store is OPEN during this whole renovation process. We have temporarily relocated to our wholesale office located next to our loading dock at the end of S. Wisner Street on the left.


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