How do I place an order?

You can place an order by going to shop.mccutcheons.com, mailing in an order form from our catalog, or calling 301-662-3261.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept checks for mailed in orders.

How do I cancel my order?

Give us a call at 301-662-3261 and we can cancel your order for you.

Difficulty online?

Call us at 301-662-3261 for assistance.

What is your return policy?

If you have a problem with our products or service, email us at [email protected] or call us 301-662-3261. We’re open 8 am- 5 pm (EST) Monday – Friday. We’re happy to work with you to solve any problem or address any concerns.

Do you have a corporate gift program?

Yes, we are excited to offer companies our McCutcheon’s Corporate Gift Program. Call us at 301-662-3261 to learn more!

Do you offer wedding favors?

Yes, we make personalized wedding favors of any of our products. Please contact us at 301-662-3261 for more information.

Do you send products internationally?

If you want to send something outside of the continental United States, please give us a call at 301-662-3261.

How are delivery charges calculated?

They are calculated by the number of items purchased and the state in which you are shipping to.

Do you offer express delivery?


Can I have an exact delivery date?

Not before the item has been shipped. Please reference the tracking number that was sent to your email after your purchase was processed.

Will my order come in one box?

Depending on the size of the order it may require more than one box. The maximum amount of product shipped in one box is 12 items.

How will my order be packaged?

Your order will be in shipper-approved packaging to minimize the possibility of damage.

Will I receive a shipment notification email once my order has been processed?

If you place your order online or provide us your email for orders placed over the phone, you will receive an email notification with the package tracking number.

How do I return or exchange a product?

Call us at 301-662-3261 for assistance.

How do I get a catalog?

You can call us at 301-662-3261 to request our current catalog.

What is your environmental policy?

We recycle all organic material produced at the facility, which is approximately 1,000,000 pounds yearly. We also recycle 100% of cardboard used. 80% of our facility’s electricity needs are met by our 100 kilowatt solar array. We also exclusively use clean natural gas in our cooking processes.

What is McCutcheon’s?

Learn more about McCucheon’s on our history page.

Where are your stores located?

We have one factory store located at 13 South Wisner Street, Frederick, MD 21701. If you would like to find other retailers of our products near you, please call us at 301-662-3261.

Where can I find information regarding the Transparency in Coverage Rule?

Find our Transparency in Coverage MRFs here.