The Big and Small of It

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It’s the beginning of February, which means we are all officially in the midst of 2012. For McCutcheon’s this means we are ready to share with you all the exciting new products that we will be releasing this year. At the top of our list is our new small jar.

For years now we have carried a 7.5 oz. jar. It was neither attractive nor particularly practical. With the help of a local packaging consulting firm in Maryland, we designed these new jars to replace them. They are essentially our pint jar cut in half.  You get more preserves for relatively the same price of our old small jars! Each jar is has the image of our Blue Lady stamped on the bottom reassuring you that it is a McCutcheon’s preserves you are enjoying. We are so excited about sharing these new small jars with you in your homes, stores, and restaurants.

(This product will be available for purchase in spring 2012. Contact McCutcheon’s Apple Products at 301-662-3261 to inquire further.)



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