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We asked around and here is the list of the top fall recipes from McCutcheon’s blog: Apple Cider Braised Pork   Pumkin Bread Pudding   Cherry Perserves and Balsamic Baked Brie   Banana Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (created by By: Sarah Rae)  

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If so, then come into McCutcheon’s to get your chance to get free tickets to see Jerrod Neimann live at the Weinberg Center November 18th in historic Downtown Frederick!

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If you’re from Frederick, MD you know what WFRE is. They say it right when they say, “you can’t spell Frederick with F.R.E.” 99.9 WFRE is the local radio institution. Most Frederick natives grew up listening to their DJs talk about the Great Frederick Fair, it’s where we heard our first Reba song, and it […]

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It is time for all things pumpkin flavored to completely take over everyday lives and our everyday diets. Starbucks is pumping out pumpkin latte after pumpkin latte, every restaurant is featuring a squash dish, and for McCutcheon’s, it means we can’t stock our shelves fast enough with Pumpkin Butter. For those of you are unfamiliar with Pumpkin […]

The apples are pouring in now that we are in the full swing of fall. We call this time of year cider season: when the pressed run full force from morning to night and jug after jug is filled to the brim with sweet, freshly pressed cider.

We all have one or two in our back pocket: those recipes that we know will wow the crowd as long as you don’t let them know how little cost and effort you put into making it. This is my go-to-kitchen-cheat. You need five minutes to prep, one or two items from the grocery store […]

For a few years now MaryAnna’s Teas, out of NJ, has been brewing and bottling their tea here at McCutcheon’s. Their three flavors of tea (Peachy Sweet tea, Berry Sweet tea, and Summer Sweet Tea) are made with only the finest Nilgiri black tea from the blue mountains of India. This specific type of tea excels at making a flavorful, clear and crisp iced tea.