Posted on September 23, 2012

Supporting Local Beer and Local Cider


On Saturday September 15th, McCutcheon’s had the pleasure of joining forces with the Flying Dog Brewery to support local beer, local food, and local creativity. Vendors, artists, and locally inspired individuals came together to raise a glass to Frederick.



McCutcheon’s set up shop sampling some of our newest products along with some of our favorites. For those looking for something sweet we had our fruit butters, preserves, and freshly pressed sweet apple cider; and for all the hot heads there was screaming hornets hot sauce, sweet fire pickles, and three pepper lemon jelly.


The line from the beer tent quickly snaked its way over to the McCutcheon’s booth were cider flowed, fresh locally picked apples were dolled out, and people got creative with their sampling of the McCutcheon’s fare.


One sampler who found his way over to the booth more than once ventured to combine three pepper lemon jelly and strawberry butter for a sweet and hot delight. Another took the pumpkin butter and smeared it together with apple butter. It was a perfect marriage of the seasonal staples that seemed to be favorites for almost everyone attending.


Others chose to simply nurse a beer in one hand and a shot of sweet cider in the other.


The event brought together a great group of people excited to drink, share, and enjoy each others company. McCutcheon’s felt lucky to be a part of such an event and can’t wait to join others like this again.


And the bees were loving our soda almost as much as the crowd was.