Posted on December 31, 2012

Jam and Bubbly: Champagne Spritzers

Champagne Spritzers

Happy New Years Eve! Tis the season to pop some bottles of champagne and celebrate the year past and the year to come. In celebration of the holiday, I am on a bubbly kick. These next few posts celebrate the marriage of McCutcheon’s products with the good old class act champagne.

I came across this idea on the quite awhile ago and was saving it for the new year to share with all of you. The idea is simple enough: you take a little jam, a little of the bubbly, and you mix it all up. Then, volia, you have amazing fruity champagne, or if you are a kid, sparkling cider. I love this idea. It is an easy way to have a cocktail bar that is totally customizable. Pop open the champagne, open a few jars of jam, and let your guests experiment with making their own drink. Of course, if you are under 21, this drink idea tastes great with McCutcheon’s Sparkling Ciders.

We tried this idea with a few of our favorite flavors: Orange Marmalade for a citrus twist, Red Raspberry for some tang, and Strawberry for something sweet. I am sure you could come up with some other combinations that would taste just as good too.

Jam and Bubbly:

Ingredients: per individual serving

  • 1 tbsp of your choice of McCutcheon’s Preserves
  • 1 champagne flute of Champagne


  1. Mix together all ingredients in the champagne flute and drink up!