Posted on July 15, 2016

Get Inspired and Speak Out

Downtown Frederick, MD in 2016

downtownfrederickmdPart of why this blog has been such a success is not because it is built around a line of products that stand on their own. I feel that if you live by the motto, “Our products speak for themselves” you overlook, or even dismiss, where the real testament of the quality of the product lies. Yes, I will argue you will be hard pressed to find a better jar of black raspberry preserves and that our marinara sauces kicks a**. But,  our true success, the true testament of the quality of what we make, is drawn from the community that surrounds us, that supports us, brings us into their kitchens, and reinvents us. Without the community that  has made us a staple in their pantries we would just be a jar of preserves speaking for itself, with no one listening.

This post is about the inspiration this blog has received from the community that builds it up everyday.

There are several Frederick-based bloggers who simply make me smile. Some are tenacious, some cook food that is a feast for the eyes and stomach, others keep us apprised on the real Frederick. These blogs inspire my cooking for McCutcheon’s Blog. Others inspire me to reach out and connect with businesses  and groups I had overlooked in the Frederick Community.

Food and Frederick: This blog rapidly became and obsession of mine, and also one of our biggest inspirations. Here you get recipes, restaurant reviews, and Frederick Culture that is unmasked and very honest. When a recipe doesn’t work out most bloggers immediately ditch that post. On this blog you are given successes and and no-so-much-success stories. There are highs and lows and acknowledgement given where acknowledgement is due. To me Food and Frederick speaks as much for Frederick as much as it does for taking back the control and appreciation of the food we make and that is made for our communities.

Fred Foodie: This blog knows what’s going on. It knows food, wine, culture, the happenings of Frederick and delivers it in a no-nonsense sort of way. Did you know Frederick is joining the BYOB restaurant scene? I didn’t until I read Fred Foodie’s post on it. Here you will also be apprised of all the festivals in the area. It is a great way to learn and know the Frederick Food scene. It has inpsired me to make McCutcheon’s a part of all these happenings in town.

Frederick Foodie: Chef Christine, owner and educator at The Kitchen Studio Cooking School has really made this blog around the idea that food is not only a feast for the stomach but for the eyes as well. Her photos of her food entice you and her recipes tantalize you. One of my biggest takeaways from her blog is the power of teaching those around you how to make and enjoy good food. It is her writing that drives me to maintain and deliver great posts (well what I think are great) for this blog.

These are just three of my favorite Frederick Blogs. If you have any suggestions, or manage one of your own, let me know. I am always up for finding inspiration.