Posted on April 20, 2015

50 Ways to Use Preserves in Cooking

We are not alone! There are other condiment junkies out there, and to prove it I bring you this “50 Ways to Use Preserves, Jellies, and Jams” from the Hungry Texan, a blogger with a taste for home style cooking and working with what you’ve got. Ladies and gents this blog takes the cake for ways to put those jars and jars of jellies, jams, and preserves to good use in your kitchen.

This post is a gold mine of ways to use preserves that are easy, trendy, sometimes wacky, but which always sound delicious. If you have a fridge full of condiments, pull em’ out and mix them up into something new and creative. Here are my top ten from the list. For the full feature click here and indulge in the Hungry Texan’s zany culinary brilliance.

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THE TOP TEN: 50 Ways to Use Preserves in Cooking:

  1. “Use preserves or fruit butter as a glaze on a fresh fruit tart, how about an apricot tart glazed with apricot honey butter…” (or how about an apricot tart glazed with Apricot Ginger Butter, one of the newest additions to the McCutcheon’s line.)
  2. “Turn a pint of sweet potato butter into sweet potato pie by adding an egg to make the filling set” (Or, how about trying this with McCutcheon’s Pumpkin or Cherry butter?)
  3. “Make this baked brie appetizer” with Raspberry Preserves and walnuts.
  4. “If you’re running low on fruit for mixed berry mojitos, add a bit of blackberry or raspberry preserves and omit the sugar.”
  5. “Add a tablespoon of hot pepper jelly to stir fry just before serving.”
  6. “Hide a layer of jam in a meringue pie, how about raspberry or strawberry with lemon meringue? (spread the jam on the prebaked crust, freeze for a few minutes to set the jam and then add filling) ooh or swirl blackberry jam into key lime pie! how gorgeous would that be?”
  7. “How about some spicy sweet jezebel sauce?” (It’s a southern style sauce great for eating on ham or as a sauce for grilled pork tenderloin.)
  8. “Lil’ smokies (or baby sausages) swimming in equal parts warm grape jelly and chili sauce, strange but good.”
  9. “Thin jam with a little water and warm to make a syrup, poke holes in a still warm cake, pour syrup over the top to infuse the cake with flavor.”
  10. “Try an orange marmalade ale.”

What are your favorites from this list?