Universe in a Mason Jar

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author// mccutcheons

We have never done a DIY on this blog before. But, every other day I feel like we get the questions “do you take back empty jars?” and “what am I supposed to do with all these empty jars?!” Of course, you could always recycle them and be a good, green member of society. Or, if you are at all like me your recycling bin is filling up with empty mason jars, you could try this easy-peasy DIY. It’s great for the kids as a nightlight, or as a fun light to use in the blanket forts that spring up all over your living room and basement. I may not be a kid anymore but I love these. I set them in my kitchen window as a decorative, yet playful addition to my windowsill kitchen herb garden.

What you will need:

  • Glow in the dark paint (multiple hues of green and blue or clear)
  • Empty and clean mason jar(s)
  • A small bristled paint brush

Once your mason jar is clean and dry, paint small dots all over the interior of the jar. Let the jar dry and Volia! You have a universe at your fingertips!

Keep in mind, the more imperfect your painting is, the cooler this will look. So go a little crazy with it.

You can chose neon colored glow in the dark paint, but I opted for the colorless version. I like that it looks like an everyday, run of the mill jar by day, and a sparkly wonderland by night. I hope you enjoy this little DIY. Happy recycling.


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