Posted on June 1, 2018

Sweet and Spicy Jam Bites Topped with Crumbled Bacon

McCutcheon's Sweet and Spicy Jam Bites Topped with Crumbled Bacon

It’s officially summer, and that means nice weather and long days of work. So lately I’ve been making quick versions of all the foods that I love. But just because there are quick fixes for summer meals, that doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice the flavor of the food that we love.

These sweet and spicy jam bites are the perfect example. I swear by this quick recipe for breakfast, lunch, a quick dinner, or a snack. It just takes minutes to prepare, and can be enjoyed as you’re heading out the door in the morning, brought along as a treat, or whipped up after a busy day. And did I mention that they’re super customizable? Add anything else your heart desires! Cream cheese, jam, and bacon have never gone so well together. They are a sweet, savory, and satisfying way to close the day without a lot of effort – I promise that they’ll become a sure crowd-pleaser!


10 oz mini Strawberry or Cherry Jalapeño Pepper Jam
Your favorite cracker or plain toasted bagel
Plain cream cheese
Crumbled bacon


Grab your crackers, or slice and toast your favorite type of bagel.
Spread on a dollop of cream cheese.
Add as much jam as you’d like (sweet, spicy, or both!).
Top with a pinch of crumbled bacon bits, and enjoy!