Posted on May 22, 2018


What's the Private Labeling Program?

Private Labeling Information

With your own name on our great products, you will create a winning combination for your market or store. We can print your personalized color labels - complete with your logo and store name - a great way to promote your business!

Partner Label

Private Label

Have Your Own Logo?

Once our design team receives your graphics, we begin with a completely blank label and customize everything to your specifications.

Don’t Have A Logo?

No problem, we will work with you to find the imagery that works best for your business!

What’s The Charge?


$75 one-time setup & design fee. FREE Label Re-design!

Partner Label Design: All product labels feature a small McCutcheon's logo or McCutcheon's name, below your brand & other product related information.

Private Label Design: All products are custom labeled with no mention of McCutcheon's.


Partner Label Program: $1.25 per case label print fee.
Private Label Program: $1.75 per case label print fee.


There is no application fee for 5+ cases of one product. Anything under 5 cases of one product will be subject to a $1 per case application fee.

How Do I Get Pricing Information?
If you are interested in receiving our Wholesale price list, please fill out our contact form and a representative will get back to you shortly. For more Wholesale information, please call us at 301-662-3261 Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST.
Do You Need Distributors?

If you are a distributor in the northeast, southeast, or western parts of the United States, we would love to speak with you about distribution opportunities!

What Sorts of Products Do You Carry for Wholesalers?

Available product types include: Preserves, Jellies, Fruit Butters, Honey, Salad Dressings, Pickled Products, Pasta Sauces, Bar-B-Que sauces, Hot Sauces, Apple Juice/Cider, Old Fashioned Soda, Potato Chips, Baking Mixes and much more.

What About Gifts? Do You Provide Prepackaged Gift Sets for Resale?

While we don't offer gift baskets Wholesale on a regular basis, we can accommodate special orders for pickup only. If your business is looking for gift baskets or corporate gifts, please call us in advance for a price quote. We also offer fundraising options for schools, churches, scouts and other organizations. If you are looking to boost sales by offering gift baskets on a regular basis, check out our How-To video in the Marketing Tools below — learn how to make great gift baskets your customers will love! And, if you just want to try a few baskets out before going all-in, we offer a basket-making kit (available to Wholesale customers only) that includes the basic supplies needed to make 6 simple baskets (product not included).

How Long Does It Take to Get My Order?

We average 72 hour order turnaround time for pickups and 7 to 10 business days for shipments. If you are ordering Private Label for the first time, the label design must be approved before we can begin pulling your order.

When Can I Pickup My Wholesale Order?
You can schedule your pickup any time Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. We recommend calling before you leave with an estimated arrival time so our Warehouse staff can make sure your order is ready to load. In the Fall (our busiest time of year) the Wholesale office is open for pickups by appointment only. We request that all Saturday pickups are placed in advance and pre-paid.
Do You Have Order Minimums?

There is a 5 case minimum for pick-ups and a 12 case/300 lb. minimum for freight.

What Are Your Shipping Fees?

In an effort to provide the best shipping prices to our client, we quote each order, every time, to ensure the best price is extended to our customers.

Do You Sell to Amazon?

No, we prefer to deal directly with our customers to better serve them.

The "Free Shipping" Myth!

At McCutcheon's Apple Products, we get asked about free shipping frequently. We don't offer free shipping, and we don't plan to any time soon. Instead, we focus on keeping our prices low and giving our customers shipping options and the lowest rates we can find – for each and every order. To us, this is a more transparent way to do business.

What consumers often don't realize is when companies offer "free shipping" it really means that the shipping is built into the cost of the product. We recommend that you compare final delivered costs for your product to see if “free shipping” really is a value to you as the consumer.

Important Shipping Policy Info


ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED BY COMMERCIAL CARRIER. Rates are shopped at the time of shipment to ensure you receive the best price possible for your shipment.

CUSTOMER PAYS FREIGHT AND ANY ASSOCIATED CHARGES. Freight charges may be added to your invoice or charged after delivery. Any applicable discounts will be included. Shipments are shrink wrapped on pallets and include a packing list and bill of lading (BOL). Invoices are mailed separately.

STANDARD FREIGHT CHARGES INCLUDE DELIVERY OF PRODUCT ONLY. Other services such as lift gate delivery, inside delivery, delivery appointment or limited access will cost extra. If you need any additional services, please notify us in advance so we can make arrangements for you. You will be responsible for all charges associated with your shipment. If you do not have a loading dock or forklift, the freight company will require you to add lift gate service.

BE PREPARED TO RECEIVE YOUR SHIPMENT. If you are not adequately staffed to handle your delivery during regular business hours, you may wish to call the freight company for an estimated delivery time. If you wish to schedule a delivery appointment, there may be an additional charge. Please notify your staff that you are expecting a shipment.

NEVER REFUSE A SHIPMENT WITHOUT FIRST CALLING MCCUTCHEONS. If you refuse your shipment for any reason other than damages (see instructions below) you will be charged freight both ways (yes – that’s 2x freight!). If you have any questions about your freight, call McCutcheons while the driver is still there. Most problems can be quickly resolved by our experienced staff.


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!! Before you sign the carrier copy of the delivery receipt:

  • Verify case count. If the case count is incorrect, mark it on the BOL next to your signature as follows:
    Missing Cases - Tom Jones (28 cases received / 31 cases shipped) 10/17/2019
  • Visually inspect shipment for damage (crushed boxes, wet or sticky boxes, shrink wrap removed or replaced – McCutcheons only uses clear purple shrink wrap). If your order is wrapped in any color other than purple – your order has been tampered with. If you suspect damages or tampering, take photos and mark the BOL as follows:
    Suspect concealed damages – subject to further inspection. Tom Jones (31 cases) 10/17/2019
  • If damages are obvious, but not excessive, ask the driver to wait while you make a quick inventory of damages. Take photos of the damages and quickly note obvious damages on the BOL as follows:
    Damaged – 2 cases preserves broken. Balance subject to further inspection. Tom Jones (31 cases) 10/17/2019
  • For EXCESSIVE damages or if the damages are more than you can inspect on the spot, you are advised to REFUSE the shipment. Be sure to take pictures of the damages and mark the BOL. Inform McCutcheon’s IMMEDIATELY at 301-662-3261 and we will pull your order again and reship it ASAP. Mark the BOL as follows:
    Excessive damages. Shipment refused. Tom Jones 10/17/2019

McCutcheon’s MUST be notified of all damages or missing product IMMEDIATELY in order to replace it. We cannot file a claim with the trucking company unless the BOL is marked. Please keep these instructions for future reference.

CALL 301-662-3261 (ask for Wholesale)