Posted on May 22, 2018

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McCutcheon's Social Media Materials are tools you can utilize to create your own social media campaigns advertising popular McCutcheon's products. While you may utilize these graphics free of charge, we ask that you do not manipulate them in any way.Social media serves as a great way to communicate offerings to your consumers if used properly! Remember to always be engaging and utilize positive messaging. We understand that every business is different and encourage you to utilize a voice or language that is specific to your consumer base. Here are some examples that you can use, but feel free to create your own!

For almost 80 years, McCutcheon's has carefully crafted and perfected their recipes. We proudly carry McCutcheon's products and are excited to offer it to our customers. #McCutcheons #AppleProducts
A family tradition since 1936, McCutcheon's is a name you can trust, one who is committed to maintaining the highest quality ingredients for the best home recipe products. We proudly carry McCutcheon's. #McCutcheons #AppleProducts

McCutcheon's has created the following graphics for use on your Facebook business page:


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Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook Timeline Images

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