Posted on October 31, 2016

Strawberries with Quince Cream

Strawberries with Quince Cream

A while ago I wrote about one  of our more eyebrow-rasing products, Quince Jelly. Quinces are not commonly known fruits. Rarely found in the super market or as an ingredient in your 30-minute cookbooks, the quince is an under-rated gem. To learn what the illusive and myserious fruit is read this post.

In an effort to spread the good word about quinces and Quince Jelly I came across this recipe. There is something about this dish that makes me feel like a lady. I feel I should put on my best dress and sip tea as I chat about current events with my dear friends. Though this recipe is as simple as it gets, it really is totally unique and classy. Quince cream is light and frothy like traditional whipped cream. But the flavors are so much more layered and rich.  It draws out the flavor of the strawberries in a way that is mouth watering and soothing all at once.

This dish can be served with just the berries and the cream, or spooned over angle food or sponge cake with a fresh medley of berries. This is more than whipped cream.


Fresh Strawberries and Quince Cream

  • 1/8 cup McCutcheon’s Quince Jelly
  • 1/2 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 1 /2 cup heavy whipping cream
  • strawberries, blue berries, blackberries…really any berries will do
  1. Whip together the Jelly and the sugar until combined evenly.
  2. Whip in the heavy cream until it becomes firm and holds peaks.
  3. Chill for a minimum of 30 minutes and serve with fresh berries