Posted on May 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend Holiday Essentials

What’s on your packing list for this holiday weekend? A bathing suit to wear on a sunny beach or as you lounge by the just opened pool? Hiking boots for some stomping in the woods in a shady and green campground in the mountains? But what about the oh so essential food supplies needed for a long drive and a low key weekend? In my opinion no holiday trip can be conquered without a supply of my McCutcheon’s holiday trip essentials!

Here is what has made my holiday list. What has made yours?

1. Barbeque Sauce! Can you effectively have a real holiday weekend without some mouth swealtering Screaming Hornets Barbeque or some sweet and sassy Sneaky Heat? I think not. Fire up the grill and slather some meaty ribs with these bbq sauces and you will know summer has truely arrived.

2. Jelly or Fruit Preserves! This is the most crucial vacation essential: jelly for the go-anywhere staple meal Peanut Butter and Jelly. For my weekend it’s all about Peanut Butter and Black Raspberry sandwiches on cinnamon raisin bread. Yum.

3. Sodas! Get out the ice pail and stock it full with some McCutcheon’s all-natural sodas.  Choose from seven flavors Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Birch Beer, Sasparilla, Orange Cream, Vanilla Cream, and Grape. No picnic is sufficient without icy cool, fizzy soda pops that turn the childrens lips cherry red and purple grape.

What are your essentials for this holiday weekend? And remember there’s still time to come into McCutcheon’s on 13. S. Wisner St in Historic Frederick Maryland.ie212_redcar_beach