Posted on September 20, 2011

Do You Know Your Apples?

Do you know your apples? There are the green ones and the red ones and the sort of yellow ones…right? Well, actually there is a lot more to the common apple than meets the eye. Every season, region, and type affords a uniquely flavored fruit.

McCutcheon’s processes and sells local eastern apples from Maryland and the surrounding states. More than 100 varieties of apples are grown in the US today. However, this crisp fruit is not native to Americas. The trees originated in the area between the Capsain and Black Seas near Greece. The crabapple is the only native apple to America. Though its roots are far away from us here, the apple has become a symbol of health and prosperity in America. Not to mention, a staple food for cooking pies, making apple butter, applesauce, or just a fruit to munch.


Originally native to New Zealand, Galas have become one of the most widely known apples in the US. They are known for their consistent subtle sweetness that makes them great for eating and baking. They are commonly yellow with red stripes or nearly solid red in color when ripe. They are one of the first varieties of apples to reach the store, usually in mid- to late-August.

Fun fact: Researchers at Yale University claim the scent of galas has a calming effect.

Red Delicious:


The scientific name for this commonly known apple is malus domestica. They are known for their deep red color and pointed base. Thinner and longer than most other apples, their shape is the one most often identified with all apples. They are wonderful eating and juicing as their flavor is soft and sweet. However, they are not good for baking. These are the pack -in-your-lunch favorites and can be found fresh in stores from September to December.

Fun Fact: Red Delicious apples were first called Hawkeye Apples before Stark Brothers Nurseries purchased the rights and gave them their now well-known name.

Granny Smith 

These bright green apples are great for everything: baking, boiling into applesauce, juicing, tossing in a salad. Unlike other types of apples, they keep their clean white color after cutting longer. They are available in stores from September to December.

Fun Fact: They are named after their founder Mrs. Mary Ann (Granny) Smith.

Golden Delicious

These fruit are known for their pale greenish yellow color. They are wonderful for baking, often the type chosen for making the seasonal favorite apple pie. They are available in stores from September through December

Fun Fact: The Golden Delicious is the state fruit of West Virginia


Stayman apples are often a delight for apple lovers. Their distinctive tart and sweet flavor, snappy bite, and pleasant texture are always sure to please. Stayman’s hold up great in heat which makes them both great for baking and eating. Unlike other varieties, they are available later in stores: beginning in mid- to late-October through December. Here at McCutcheon’s Staymans are our best selling apples.

Fun Fact: The Stayman was discovered in Virginia in 1877 by Dr. Stayman.