Posted on March 11, 2012

DIY: Mason Jar Hanging Garden

We got such a great response to our last DIY that I was inspired to share with you yet another easy idea. Since we gave the kids a great craft with the Universe in a Mason Jar, I thought I should give the adults something fun to create too. It’s officially almost spring (don’t worry I am aware that these warm March days do not yet qualify as being true spring days). Many of us home gardeners, windowsill herb-specialist, and plant lovers have already begun our seedlings for this coming sowing season. But if you are feeling crafty, here is a simple way to make a home planter  or vase for your herbs or succulents or what have you using simple tools and recycled mason jars.

Mason Jar Hanging Garden

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 plank of wood long enough to hold as many jars as you are using.
  • paint, or stain if necessary.
  • 3 mason jars, pt sized
  • 3 hose clamps
  • 3 screws
  • a drill

How To Do It:

  1. Determine how you want to arrange the jars along the wood. Mark where the hose clamps will be screwed to the board.
  2. Determine where the center of the hose clamp is and where you will be attaching it to the board. carefully drill a hole wide enough for the screw to fit through the hose clamp. (NOTE: be very careful with this step. If you do not brace the hose clamp into place as you drill the hole you run the risk of having the drill catch on the stainless steel, resulting in a whirling sharp band of metal. So, be careful)
  3. Carefully screw the hose clamp to the board and then ease it closed around the jars. The metal will be weakened where you drilled the hole, so bend it slowly to prevent breaking.
  4. Secure the hose clamps around the jars.

  1. Attach eye hooks to the top of the board and string hanging wire.
  2. Fill the jars with stones, a layer of planter soil, and your favorite plants. Or do what I did and fill them with water and add freshly cut flowers. It will brighten any room.