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McCutcheon’s is proud to offer our Private Label Programs!

You know what works best for your company and we want to make sure you have all the resources to make it grow.

Choose from our 2 label programs and see your sales soar!

Why Private Label?

Increase your brand awareness, revenue, and the product lines you offer!

Let us help create your own private label to gain your business name recognition. Since we’ll be providing design services, you’ll have more time to focus on your business.
We’ll also provide customer referrals upon request!

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Products unavailable for private label: most honey, nuts & snack mixes, dips & soup mixes, baking mixes, and Bone Suckin’ products. Application fee may apply when McCutcheon’s is labeling less than 5 cases of one product.

Guidelines for In-House Label Design

Principal Display Panel (PDP)

The PDP is the first thing your customer sees on your product or packaging label. This is the area where you can really get creative with your branding!

  1. Logo or Business Name. One of the great things about private labeled products is that it can really help build your customer base. A well designed logo or creative font choice for your business name can really make your custom label pop!
  2. The Statement of Identity. This is the common name of the product. It should be clear, descriptive and should not mislead the consumer in any way. McCutcheons will provide the statement of Identity for each product.
  3. The Net Quantity Statement. This must be displayed in the center of the label, and must appear in the bottom 1/3 of the label. McCutcheon’s will provide the Net Quantity Statement for each product.
  4. The Barcode. Barcodes are NOT a required element on labels. If you choose to include one, the barcode can appear almost anywhere on your label. Keep in mind that barcodes have the best readability on lighter backgrounds.

Information Panel

Do not include any graphics, images or other intervening materials between the elements on this part of the label. The elements that appear in this panel must remain on the right side of the PDP. This part of the label wraps around the side of the jar and isn’t usually visible to customers when displayed on your shelf

  1. The Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP). Did you know that a NFP is NOT required on your label? If you do choose to include a NFP in your design, it must comply with certain size and font requirements and you should expect it to take up a fair amount of room on the Information Panel.
  2. The Ingredients List. McCutcheons will provide the ingredients for each product. The ingredients list cannot be smaller than 6pt font and must be displayed on the information panel with the Nutrition Facts Label. We recommend using 6pt Arial font in all caps for the best readibility.
  3. The Manufacturers Information. This section will include McCutcheon’s address and either say that it was produced by McCutcheons (Partner) or that is was produced specifically for your company (Private) with no mention of McCutcheons.

Want to take label design into your own hands? After signing a waiver, we allow customers two options! Purchase our products unlabeled so you can print and apply your own labels OR design and have your labels pre-printed and sent to McCutcheons to be applied to orders (application fees may apply for certain case quantities). McCutcheons can provide Statements of Identity, Net Weights, Ingredient Statements and NFPs.

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