NAM, the National Association of Manufacturers, has always been a strong voice for the companies like McCutcheon’s: small businesses fighting for growth in today’s challenging economy. They write about innovation, success stories, the reality of economic pressures and constraints all the while highlighting the specific realities of manufacturers who often go unheard.

The NAM team recently visited McCutcheon’s to inquire how the economy has effected our growth and our ability to expand the job market for the MD area. Bob McCutcheon, third generation proprietor of McCutcheon’s, tells NAM, “If we could move forward with our expansion, my workforce would expand by 30%, but we’re stuck in a holding pattern. Every time taxes are raised, it takes away from the private sector and it’s yet another dampener for the economy.” NAM shares the reality McCutcheon’s faces everyday in their article.

To read their full article and view their sideshow of our factory and production lines visit NAM.

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